The Insight Support properties have been acquired by the powers at Financial-Spread-Betting.com. Not to worry... We are in the process of publishing the famous 'Masters Certificate in Technical Analysis' course on the FSB site and what's more we won't charge you a dime for it! So stay tuned! Meanwhile if you are seeking ways to improve your trading, make sure to visit the FAQ's section on www.Financial-Spread-Betting.com

Insight Support

It’s hard to believe that its been so long since the Insight Support course on spread betting and technical analysis was initially written.  Granted, the Insight Course has been updated numerous times since it was first launched on the 15th January 2003, but today marks a turning point in the Insight Support story as all Insight Support property rights have been acquired by the lovely people at http://www.financial-spread-betting.com!

That to you, dear reader simply means that all the material is due to be updated and will soon be available on the the FSB site free of charge….

What is even more exciting is that this will not only include the basic spread betting, forex and core technical analysis courses but also the full advanced technical analysis course more often referred to as ‘The Masters Certificate in Technical Analysis’ that was written in 2010.  And what’s more we won’t charge you a dime for it! Our mission is to educate traders and investors and we believe such educational information should be freely available because each of us deserves a chance to succeed in life.  We won’t even oblige you to sign up for specific providers to access the course because we believe that everyone has a right to form his own opinion and choose whichever spread betting provider he/she pleases.

These techniques, although they work well with spread betting, are in fact equally applicable to any product. So, although these techniques are shown with spreadbets, what we’d like you to realise is that the fundamentals of these techniques apply to ANY financial product, highly geared or not, that can be traded long or short (up or down).

Meanwhile this isn’t a farewell and goodbye from Stu as he will be continuing to help in the development of the training and courses. Hopefully, the material, once published should help improve your trading.

Message from Founder

To all my students.

In 2003 I created www.insightsupport.com out of a need to effectively manage the increasing demand for support, for what was back then, a relatively small training manual written for friends only. Friends being friends of course, shared with their friends and well the rest was and is now very much history. The student website, inclusive services and support grew and grew. A natural result of that, was the time demands placed on myself, to support all the students to an excellent. Something, I like to think I became somewhat known for.

We all know things change and evolve. The whole training arena has fundamentally changed, I believe for the better. Better in terms of that a good proportion of the information available on learning to trade now is available free. Such is the power of social networks, blogs and video sites like YouTube. When www.insightsupport.com started in 2003, we were the first training company in this industry to use online video to train our students. What’s more, we were the first to provide updated weekly training videos – this was before even Youtube.com existed. However, the Internet evolves very quickly and organically. Driven by social demand, which can only be a good thing.

Now here we are, nearing 2011, a week before Christmas. It’s time to be satisfied with what www.insightsupport.com and all my students have achieved, some of which I call friends. The content and training for all our courses will live on at www.financial-spread-betting.com.

2011 promises to be a wonderful year. I wish all of my students the very best of success and without your devotion and support, www.insightsupport.com and our training, would never have become the success it became.

Wishing you happiness.