The Insight Support properties have been acquired by the powers at Financial-Spread-Betting.com. Not to worry... We are in the process of publishing the famous 'Masters Certificate in Technical Analysis' course on the FSB site and what's more we won't charge you a dime for it! So stay tuned! Meanwhile if you are seeking ways to improve your trading, make sure to visit the FAQ's section on www.Financial-Spread-Betting.com

About Us

Hello, this is the new Insight Support – a new experience destined to change the way you learn spread betting. We are traders teaching traders and won’t charge you ongoing subscription fees or try to make you attend expensive seminars for doing so. We have acquired all Insight Support training property rights for a capital investment (using some of our trading profits!).

We will soon be publishing the advanced ‘The Masters Certificate in Technical Analysis’ trading course for free on our site. This is a comprehensive advanced course in technical analysis consisting (initially) of 17 modules -:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Technical Analysis and the Dow Theory
  • Module 2 – Charting Basics
  • Module 3 – Trend Concepts
  • Module 4 – Reversal and Continuation Patterns
  • Module 5 – Volume and Open Interest
  • Module 6 – Moving Averages
  • Module 7 – Oscillators and Sentiment Indicators
  • Module 8 – Further Charting
  • Module 9 – Elliott Waves and Cycles of Time
  • Module 10 – Cloud Charts – the Ichimoku Technique
  • Module 11 – Money Management and Computers
  • Module 12 – How to Build a Trading System
  • Module 13 – The Stock Market
  • Module 14 – Futures
  • Module 15 – Options
  • Module 16 – Forex
  • Module 17 – Contracts for Difference and Spread Betting

This course covers huge amounts of incredibly advanced methods of trading and all of it will be available on http://www.financial-spread-betting.com Hopefully you will find it useful in your trading.

Insight is in the process of evolving, and it’s the biggest, most comprehensive shakeup of the systems, tools and methods that we use to train you and the services that we provide to you, since we launched in 2003. The good news for you, dear student, is that all the information will be made available freely and you can expect to get more than what you get from other similar courses which may charge you hundreds, if not thousands for the ‘privilege’ of accessing this information.