The Insight Support properties have been acquired by the powers at Financial-Spread-Betting.com. Not to worry... We are in the process of publishing the famous 'Masters Certificate in Technical Analysis' course on the FSB site and what's more we won't charge you a dime for it! So stay tuned! Meanwhile if you are seeking ways to improve your trading, make sure to visit the FAQ's section on www.Financial-Spread-Betting.com

What We Do

At Insight Support we educate our members in the rules of technical analysis since with a thorough understanding of the principals behind technical analysis a trader can identify potential market movements before they occur and trade in a way that profits them substantially.

We explain the technical analysis behind financial trading, and specific strategies and indicators as well as explanations of current markets conditions but most importantly adhere to the strict risk management practices endorsed by Insight Support. From an early stage in our members’ educational journey they are exposed to live market conditions so when it comes time to place their first real trade they are in better control.

Please understand, that our coaches cannot provide you with personal financial, investment or trading advice, but with their expertise, our trading professionals in conjunction with our comprehensive training program and interactive classrooms, you will feel comfortable making your own buy and sell decisions.

Does Insight Support teach you to become profitable as a trader?

We teach all our members the same technical analysis and strategies used by our trading professionals; in saying this visiting us and studying our course materials will provide you with all the educational resources that other trainers will make you pay dearly for.

What is of most importance for a trader though, rather than making excellent returns, is protecting their investment capital; at Insight we teach strict money management techniques designed to keep our members in complete control of every trade; by providing comprehensive guides so each member can identify their ‘risk-of-ruin’ and develop a tailored trading plan to eliminate this exposure, we reduce our members risk when trading the markets.

The truth is anyone can make money from the financial markets but many traders are just not educated with the correct risk management skills required to hold onto their trading profits, this results in many short term profits quickly turning into long term losses.

How do you differ from other trading educators?

The financial markets are continually evolving due to a number of factors including but not limited to economics, political conditions, market psychology and seasonal events. Just like a text book educational materials can become outdated and ineffective; at Insight Support we keep developing our educational materials and trading strategies to ensure all our members are continually evolving as traders.

Our course will provide youu access to all our interactive classrooms, education materials (written and recorded), trading strategies, proprietary indicators and a lifetime of updates

As an educator, our industry leading support network ensures members are never on their own.

The education provided by Insight is structured around multiple contact points, giving our members the opportunity to overcome their educational obstacles with the ongoing support of our training professionals, this ensures their successful navigation of the financial market pitfalls on their journey to becoming a successful trader.